Thursday, June 7, 2012

{DIY} Bench Cushion Slipcover

Ideally, in New England, a house has a mudroom.  We do not, nor do we have an attached garage, so all traffic comes in through the front door, and depending on the time of year that can be some pretty messy traffic.  About a year and a half ago we used some gift money from Christmas to buy this storage bench, and while it is not exactly a mudroom, it's improved the functioning of our entryway tenfold.  We used to have a pile of shoes, bags, and jackets either piled on the floor or slung over the banister, which is directly across from the front door (and diagonal from this bench).  Everything is still right by the front door but having it arranged this way makes it feel so much more purposeful.  I hung four heavy duty hooks above the bench for coats and bags and took the ledge shelf out of retirement in the attic to anchor everything.  The left shoe bin is mine, the middle one is for both girls, and the right one is Scott's.

But back to that messy traffic...the bench cushion had acquired all sorts of stains on both sides and I'd been thinking of making a slipcover for it for a little while.  And wouldn't you know, I had just about the perfect amount of fabric left over from my little rocker upholstery project to make a slipcover.  I love this fabric anyway, and it nicely complements the other colors and patterns in our family room.  I followed the same process as for making a pillow cover, but did add a couple strips of velcro to the  envelope closure because I noticed that the fabric was slipping around a bit as we sat on the new cover.

I never disliked the previous cover but it wasn't removable and spot cleaning wasn't cutting it anymore, and as it turns out I really like having a pattern here on the entry bench.  Here are a few more photos:



The view into the family room.

The fabric is 100% cotton but in person has a really interesting texture that almost looks like linen.  Here's a closer look at the pattern.

The view into the hallway and dining room beyond...which has soft grey-blue walls that somehow came off turquoise in this picture.

I keep a little basket between the entry bench and the couch where I toss mail I need to go through.  Nothing brilliant here, just another way I keep the entry functional and prevent things from spewing out into the house!

And the best part about the new cover...when it starts showing the same signs of wear as its predecessor, I can slip it off, throw it in the washing machine, and not have to sew another slipcover for the cushion for a good long time. 

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  1. What a great and useful little corner!!! Thanks for sharing this with me...definitely gives me more food for thought for our weekend plans!! xo


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