Shoebox Drawer Organization

I feel like I’m kind of letting a skeleton out of the closet today.  Or more accurately, a skeleton out of the drawer.  I fancy myself a pretty tidy and organized person.  Not to a fault – with two children under 4 in my house I’m always tripping over something – but still, all the clothes in my closet are hung according to genre and color.  I’m sort of borderline OCD without actually being in need of clinical help or requiring my toddlers to color sort their own clothes.
But my bathing suit drawer – the drawer where I keep bathing suits and tunics and such – was a heap.  At some point everything got so jumbled up I stopped trying to keep it even the slightest bit neat and just tossed things unfolded in there after washing them.  I could never find anything and it drove me nuts, but it was one of those little things that I’d forget about as the day wore on and so it remained in this state for years.

Disaster, right?  Last week I finally pulled everything out, sorted through discards and keepers – would you believe I had frayed bathing suits in there that had been with me since college?? – and neatly folded everything I was keeping.  I found three shoeboxes I had on hand that were all about the same height and fit well in the drawer.  After filling them with my bathing suits I popped them back in the drawer and made two folded piles of tunics and skirts I wear over the suits to and from the beach or pool and stepped back to admire my handiwork.

A neat, organized drawer (or any space, for that matter) makes me so ridiculously, irrationally happy, I have no idea why it took me so long to do this.

And to make it even better, this little purge-and-tidy project cost me absolutely nothing because I used shoeboxes I already had.  A free, quick, high-impact, no-mess project – well, I think that’s a pretty ideal group of adjectives.

  • {Hi Sugarplum!}

    Oh man — this makes me want to race home and dump out ALL my drawers! They all look like your Before. Love this…and love all your cute suits!!

  • Tricia

    Great idea! But does this mean I need to take the suits off the bathroom counter first??? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Jennifer {The Chronicles of Home}

      Maybe you could just set out some shoeboxes on the bathroom counter :)

  • Courtney {a thoughtful place}

    Super duper cute. I have done this with my bras and such but so need to do it for my suits. Well done!