Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy Hardware Update

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the littlest projects take the longest to accomplish?  I think it's just too easy to push them off and push them off in order to sink your teeth into something more exciting.  This quick hardware update is case in point for me.  I bought this wooden ledge shelf with hooks five years ago and hung it in our guest room.

There's quite a large closet in the room but it's pretty stuffed with out-of-season coats, extra boots, mittens, scarves, hats, cushions to our outdoor dining chair, extra pillows, rags...you get the idea.  I couldn't even bring myself to open the doors and show you what the inside looks like.  Organizing this closet and maximizing the space inside is on my list!

Our overnight guests, usually our parents, can always carve out a little hanging space on the rod in the closet but I figured a few extra hooks always come in handy.  The hooks, however, were silver and absolutely nothing in the room is silver.

No big deal, right?  It's super easy to switch out hardware!  And yet it's taken me five years to finally get around to it.  Sheesh.  There are certainly no shortage of fancy hooks out there but I went with a simple antique bronze garment hook.  

Not only do the hooks now actually coordinate with other items in the room, but I also doubled the hanging capacity by swapping out single-ended hooks for double-ended ones.

I'm so happy to have this little "project" finally checked off my list!  It really is the little things sometimes, isn't it?

Want to know a little fun fact about out guest room curtains, which you see on either side of the shelf?  I noticed watching Modern Family one week that they're the same ones in Mitchell's and Cameron's' bedroom!


  1. Little things make a big difference don't they??

  2. I love Modern Family!! And I double love that you have the same shelves as them :) Everything looks fabulous. Love the curtain fabric!

  3. I love the way you think, the new hooks look great plus the fact that they DOUBLE the hanging space is a wonderful bonus. Living in an old farmhouse without closets in the bedrooms, I could definitely use some hooks for our guests too, thanks for sharing this!

  4. Where did you get the curtains? I saw them on Modern Family and am dying to have them. I can't find them anywhere! Can you help!?


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