Guest Room

When we bought our house, the downstairs room in the back of the house that leads to our deck was being used as a den.

House Photo 
It better suited us to purpose it as a guest room with its large closet and full bathroom next door.  The first thing I did in this room was install the chair rail because I wanted to do a two-tone color on the walls.  Though…lately I’m sort of feeling “over” the green on the bottom.  I like the warm cream color above the chair rail and have been thinking of trying a tonal cream stripe below the chair rail.
I positioned the bed against the back wall, across from the glass sliding doors to the deck.  I pulled the colors for the room from the four framed prints above the bed, which have shades of grey-blue, sage green, ivory, and dusty coral.

I layered porcelain blue floral Euro shams behind the green quilted shams and then added the little blue-tipped birdcage accent pillow to tie the two together.

The bedside table holds a small lamp, clock, and preserved boxwood.

I put another lamp on the dresser on the other side of the bed, close enough to cast light for the person using that side.

The dresser was a family piece given to us by my in-laws when we bought our house.  I barely know an antique from a hole in the wall so can’t say whether it’s an antique or just plain old, but either way, it’s awfully pretty with its carved sides and little keyholes.

The bark-covered mirror has the same warm wood tones as the dresser.  I loved its rustic look instantly.

I didn’t want three sets of floor-length drapes in a smallish room so used the drapes just on either side of the sliding doors to the deck.  To make the valances for the windows, I took a third drape panel and cut it straight across (width-wise), 6 1/2″ wider than I wanted the finished valance to be.  I sewed a 3 1/2″ rod pocket at the top of each strip and put a 2″ hem at the bottom and mounted them on 3″ flat curtain rods.

I have two projects in here awaiting a top spot on my project-priority-list: the painting I mentioned above and a reupholster job on the little settee under the window.  I love the lines of the settee but the fabric isn’t quite right for this room.

The guest room has come together bit by bit over the past several years so it’s a little hard to cram every last detail into one post.  If you have any questions on anything I didn’t mention, do feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to answer!

  • Robin @ Happily Home, After

    I always find it interesting to read about rooms being used for a purpose different than the blueprints or previous owners, Such a good idea of yours to just use floor length drapes on the sliding door, I’m sure that makes it a lovely focal point too and gets the room feeling more open and spacious. Your guest room has lovely furniture. Love me some wall stripes, are you thinking vertical or horizontal? Either way, the tonal palette sounds quite nice. Robin

  • Maria @ All Things Luxurious

    What a pretty room! I just love the fabric that the curtains and valances are made out of — so beautiful. :-) Happy Monday!

  • Jen @ The Social Home

    I love it! The bird cage pillow and the mirror are my favourite parts!