Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Words To Live By

In my shopping for items for the boys' bedroom I'm putting together and shared with you yesterday, I came across a framed print that I loved.  I read it twice in the store before tucking it under my arm, thinking it would be perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom.  

I found myself rereading it again once I got home and every so often over the past few days.  It's nothing profound, in fact it's quite simple, but I think the simplicity is partly what has struck me so.  As an adult, and maybe especially as a mom to two little girls who I love fiercely and completely but sometimes run me nearly ragged, I've really connected to the general message here of being kind, saying what you mean, and finding happiness in small things.

Dream big.
Use kind words.
Say I love you.
Be silly.
Say please and thank you.
Be grateful.
Keep your promises.
Help others.
Don't whine.
Take a moment to breathe.
Try new things.
Keep calm and carry on.
Laugh out loud.

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