Monday, September 24, 2012

Simple Fall Accents

This is my first autumn blogging and, wow, bloggers decorate their homes for fall early!  I just got my act together this week.  I've kept things pretty simple, partly because I just plain like simple seasonal decorations and partly because I don't have the enormous surplus of time necessary to set up elaborate vignettes and then hunt down all the pieces and reposition them at the end of each day after my curious-fingered preschooler and toddler pilfer them!

I bought these small pumpkin-shaped candles a few years back and they're still going strong (you can find a similar product here).  I lined them up along our living room mantle, which can be challenging to style because of the limited space under the wall-mounted television.  I lay a simple garland with white berries behind the candles.

I put some dried wheatgrass in the vase to the left of the television.  I often use dried botanicals in place of fresh flowers.  I love fresh flowers but they can get expensive in the cold seasons here when I can't trim much of anything fresh from our bushes.

The last of our fresh flowers right now are roses and hydrangeas.  Inspired by this beautiful mantle by Lucy at Craftberry Bush, I took the remaining hydrangeas from our bushes outside and set them in a wood and wire basket on our coffee table.  They're a little pastel for the room but I hope they will soon turn the same gorgeous straw color as the ones on Lucy's mantle.

Craftberry Bush

At the same time I bought the small pumpkin candles I also bought a couple larger ones and placed these on the console table along the back wall of the living room.  I put more wheatgrass in the glass vase on the right.  I took these photos the day after I bought the wheatgrass and since then it's started to bend at the tips in the prettiest, most graceful little arcs.

Last year I bought these itty bitty dried pumpkins to use as a bowl filler and brought them out again this year in our dining room (they can be found here). 


As expected they were all missing at the end of their first day out.  After some hunting I found them in my 3 1/2 year old's purse.

Apple season is in full swing here in New England so I stacked up some apples from our apple picking excursion yesterday in a pedestal bowl on the kitchen table.

Having some autumnal touches around the house has definitely put me more in the fall mood.  I don't have much confidence that the hydrangeas will last long on the coffee table since Ellie loves to "help" me with the "flowdahs" but they can always be relocated to a high shelf if needed!


  1. It made me laugh to read about finding the dried pumpkins in your daughter's purse! My daughter is almost 2 and becoming obsessed with purses. I'm sure I'll be finding lots of interesting things in her's as she gets older too!
    Your fall decor is beautiful! I agree that bloggers start decorating for fall super early! I was really surprised! I still haven't gotten my act together to decorate my house for fall!

  2. I miss New England apple picking! Your fall decor looks great. Its still in the high 90's where I am so I haven't decorated for fall yet.

  3. I love your very tasteful fall decor. Approved! And it looks so nice with your beautiful fireplace. I can't wait to have a fireplace of my own someday! I think the apples and topiaries are my all time fave though :) Sad not to find a faux-leaf runner :(


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