Patchwork Paint Treatment

I’m very close to finishing the boys’ bedroom I’ve been working on and am hoping to wrap things up tomorrow and share the room with you next week.  I have a decal to install on one wall, some nightlight paper lanterns to hang, and these patchwork-painted mirrors to hang above the boys’ beds.

I had bought these great etched metal monogram letters for above the boys’ upholstered headboards but once I held them up they looked much too small on the walls by themselves.

I decided to hang a mirror on the wall and then tie some rope to the letters to suspend them over the mirrors.  Next step was actually finding mirrors, and Home Goods came through for me yet again.  I found two pieced-wood frame mirrors in a great rustic, grey-natural wood with the perfect sized mirror in the center to frame the etched letters.

They were fine as is but I liked the idea of a patchwork paint treatment for a little extra impact.  I chose to leave about a third of the wood pieces natural, paint another third of them navy, and the last third a pale green.  For the navy I used Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint in Deep Sea.
I didn’t plan a specific pattern, just eyeballed the placement of the colors as I went.  I did all the navy on one mirror, then matched my pattern on the second mirror.  I followed by painting the green (I used a leftover latex paint I had on hand) on one mirror and then matching my pattern on the other mirror.
I think the navy and green will tie in beautifully with the bedding without being too loud or busy and competing with the etched letters.  
I can’t wait to show you the finished space!
  • Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

    that turned out great! i love the concept and colors and love how the dark pops!

  • Becky {This Is Happiness}

    The mirror turned out great! Now I can’t wait to see the finished room!

  • Arli

    The project is great, but PLEASE don’t hang those mirrors above your children’s beds! It’s way too dangerous should they fall or get pulled off. A friend’s daughter had to have multiple surgeries after a framed picture that was hanging above her bed fell off during the night and the broken glass cut her severely. She still has a huge scar on her face near her eye. So PLEASE for your children’s safety, hang something soft above their beds, and move the mirrors elsewhere in the room. Nice decor is not worth the price of your children’s well-being.

    • Jennifer {The Chronicles of Home}

      That’s a good warning. These mirrors have double hooks screwed into both sides of the backs, which mounted with the proper hardware, should be very sturdy. I’ll have to talk to my friend, whose sons’ room the mirrors are for, and see what she wants to do.

  • Gwen

    Hi, I’m a new follower from “Welcome Wednesday”!


  • Gwen

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  • Warner Carter

    The room has lots of different shade of blue going on. While I was at Home Depot (looking on the oops shelf of course) I spotted the paint chips. DING—make something out of those! click here