Quick and Healthy Lunch Plate

My toddler, my preschooler, and I often eat leftovers for lunch, but there are invariably days when we don’t have anything from the night before.  A favorite lunch on those days has been dubbed “snack plate” by Ada, but it’s actually a well-balanced and healthy meal.  It’s varied and interesting enough that I like eating it myself but is still kid-friendly.  
You can switch the components up to include anything you like or have on hand.  I usually have the items pictured and it’s a great mix of protein, vegetables, fruit, and healthy carbs.  It would pack well for a school or work lunch, too.
I had a hard time keeping Ada’s eager little fingers out of her food while I snapped a few photos!
You’ll often find our lunch plates filled with:
  1. Quesadillas with sharp cheddar and whole wheat tortillas.  A grilled or toasted cheese sandwich on whole-grain bread or just cheese slices with whole grain crackers are also great.
  2. Diced avocado with a little salt and pepper.  I sometimes mash mine with diced tomato and lime juice for a quick guacamole-ish dip.
  3. Red grapes
  4. Carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus.
  5. Apple slices and peanut or almond butter.
What are your go-to healthy lunches?