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Hi!  I'm Jennifer and I'm so glad you've taken the time to stop by!  I'm a Philadelphia native and live now in the Boston area with my husband, Scott, and our two little daughters, Ada and Elle.  

I'm a furniture maker, upholsterer, decorator, head chef of the house, and an incurable do-it-yourselfer.  I tend to call in the pros when it comes to plumbing and electrical work, but otherwise I've never met a project I wasn't game to try.  Carpentry and upholstery projects have become my favorites and I especially love to build new and rehab old furniture.

If you're new to The Chronicles of Home, here are some of my most popular DIY posts to get you started:

When it comes to the food side of this blog, it's really quite simple - I love to cook and I love to eat delicious things.  I'll try pretty much anything once.  These days I tend to stick to quick-ish meals for my busy family but love using fresh, healthy, seasonal ingredients and preparing them in simple but delicious ways.  I have a fierce sweet tooth, and you'll find a mix of healthy and indulgent recipes here because that's how I eat at home.  You will never find an artificial ingredient.

You can start on my Recipes page for some categorized yummy inspiration! 

On any given day you can find me with a jigsaw, fabric swatch, or rubber spatula in one hand and a little girl in the other.  Welcome to my home!


  1. Hi Jennifer - I just discovered your blog through "Honey, we're healthy" and have completely fallen in love with it. It's PERFECT - you have an amazing balance of good healthy foods with home decorating - my two favorite topics. Thank you for such rich reading material!

  2. Wonderful Blog! I too have an Elle. :) I love what you have done with your house!

  3. I love your blog and found you through Honey we're Healthy! Look forward to following you!

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  5. You have a wonderful eye! Now I am so curious to know how Nashoba might have turned out under your plan... Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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