I love to help people add character to their homes with custom decorative and furniture pieces.  I make everything from pillows to tables and would love to discuss your project to see if I can create for you the perfect piece you've been looking for but can't find anywhere else.  

Have a picture of something you love but can't find its source or the cost is too high?  Show me - chances are I can recreate it for you at a fraction of the retail cost.

Custom offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • window treatments
  • pillows
  • upholstered benches & ottomans
  • children's upholstered chairs
  • upholstered headboards
  • console & accent tables
  • upholstery services
  • fabric consultation

Click HERE to send me a note and start a dialogue. I'd love to talk about your needs and how I can help you personalize your home.


  1. I love your blog and especially your projects. You are a perfectionist. I was wondering if you had made the the cornices/pelmet for your den which is now your guest room? If so do you have a tutorial for that. I've seen other blogs that use/trust foam board, not sure if I want yo use that. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Denise. I did make them but before I started blogging so there's no tutorial on here. They're actually not cornices even though they look like them. I sewed valances with a 3.5" rod pocket and hung them on 3" wide, flat curtain rods. They mount to the sides of the window frame and their depth out from the window is adjustable. You can get them at just about any hardware store. It's an easy way to get the cornice look!

  2. How much do you charge for the kids arm chair?


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