{DIY} Rustic X Base Console Table

It’s reveal day!  Don’t you love reveal days?  I sure do :)

Remember last Friday when I showed you a table project I’d been working on last week?

Well, here she is, all stained and looking pretty in her new home!

This kind of thing happens to me sometimes.  I’ll be sitting on an idea for months and then one day feel like, “Ohmygosh I cannot live another day without starting this project!”  Which is pretty much how the building of this table came about.

A good long while ago I saw this Restoration Hardware dining table and was really drawn to the silouette with the X inspired sides.

Back in July I’d seen this pretty X base table that  Kate and her husband made and loved the lines of it too.

x base table cg

Then just last month, in the beginning of March, I saw this console table that Liz’s husband made and reminded me of both the Restoration Hardware and Kate’s table.


And that’s when my wheels really started turning and I could just see it in my living room along the back wall that desperately needed a table.

I sold the children’s chair on the right so this big back wall was left with a small antique toy chest and the little green rocker.
And last week I decided I couldn’t take the wall’s screaming for a table a moment longer, drew some sketches, went out for lumber, and had this table sitting here by the weekend.  And the wall is now happy and quiet :)


And the side-by-side before and after…