DIY Upholstered Bench, The Remix

A friend recently commissioned me to make her an upholstered bench that could function as both a dining bench and as extra seating in her family room.  The rooms flow into one another in an open layout with the bench essentially acting as both the divider and the unifying piece.  We modeled it after this bench I made for my kitchen.

She ordered several fabric samples and ultimately decided on a brown and aqua diamond fabric that included colors from both the family and dining rooms and was thick, durable, and easy to clean.
I went about the building of this bench a little differently than I did my kitchen bench.  I made the frame for mine completely out of plywood sheets but I wanted to make a more traditional furniture frame this time around.  My kitchen bench is HEAVY and this one came out much lighter, which was what I was hoping for!
I spent some time this weekend working with SketchUp and have lots of (hopefully) helpful diagrams to explain the building process.
I also spent much of the weekend lying on the couch with a nasty cold and went to bed early last night, so unfortunately I’m going to leave you hanging for today…but check back tomorrow and I will have the full tutorial to share!

***click here for the tutorial!***