A Healthy Chocolate “Milkshake”

You know how sometimes you want a little something sweet?

If you have ever wandered over to my Desserts Page, you have probably deduced that this feeling hits me sort of often.  And I act on it.

But here’s the thing.  I also like my clothes to fit.  And despite my undying love for butter and sugar and chocolate, I am aware they are not healthy to eat in large quantities.

So sometimes I go in search of a healthy dessert option.  But, for me, if it doesn’t taste good, it’s not worth eating.

One night recently I could not get a chocolate milkshake out of my head.  But I had no ice cream in the house.  So I found a recipe online for a chocolate milkshake that had no ice cream.  And it was pretty good.  But not really healthy.

So I tinkered over the next week and have landed on this recipe that hits all the right marks:

  • It is dairy free
  • It could easily be adapted to be vegan (sub maple syrup or agave for the honey)
  • It is creamy and delicious
  • It tastes an awful lot like a real chocolate milkshake
  • It is comprised solely of good-for-you ingredients
  • Did I mention it’s delicious?
Let me tell you, it has been rough taste testing all these chocolate milkshake prototypes.  But for you guys, hey, I will suffer to bring you great recipes.

Healthy Chocolate Milkshakes – makes 4
1 1/2 c. unsweetened almond milk (or any milk you like)
1/4 c. unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tbsp. raw almond butter
1 frozen banana (peel before freezing)
1/4 c. honey
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1-2 c. ice

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth and the consistency of a milkshake.

p.s. A delicious variation is a strawberry milkshake – sub about a cup of frozen strawberries for the cocoa powder.  So good!

p.p.s. If you’re looking for another great smoothie recipe, HERE is my favorite green smoothie, and the one pictured in the collage above.