Friday, November 21, 2014

DIY 3D Christmas Star Wreath - Holiday Thrift Store Challenge

Hi there!

The ever lovely Alice of Thoughts from Alice had this great idea - round up a group of bloggers who would all go to a thrift store, buy something for under $25, and transform it into a Christmas decoration.  The point of which is to show that lovely Christmas decor doesn't have to cost a small fortune.

I loved both the sentiment behind the idea and the challenge of making something pretty and Christmasy out of found items.

But........well, I kind of cheated.

I kept meaning to stop by a thrift store and all of a sudden it was Tuesday, I had two days left, and knew I needed to pull something together.  So I started thinking about the idea behind the challenge, the pretty decorations for less than a pretty penny.  I was breaking down some cardboard boxes to put in the recycling bin and stopped with a piece in my hand as the idea to make a 3D Christmas star slowly came together in my head.

How to make a 3D Christmas Star by The Chronicles of Home

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cleaning Up After DIY Projects Just Got a Lot Easier

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

There are three things I can reeaaaally geek out about.
  1. National parks
  2. Vintage furniture
  3. Household and DIY tools
Today I'm talking about two of those things.  My love for national parks will have to wait for another time :)

One of the challenges of doing so many DIY projects around the house as well as the upholstery and refinishing projects I do for local clients is the MESS that is pretty much a constant state of affairs around my house.  I try not to leave too much of a wake behind me but it doesn't usually make sense to completely clean up when I'm going right back at the same project the next day.

However.  I have two young daughters and need to be aware of safety.  So while I might not put everything away at the end of each day, I do take the air out of nailers and staplers so they can't shoot a stray accidental weapon through the air and I clean the floor of nails and staples.

Here's my first geek-out moment.  That cleaning of the floor just got SO much simpler.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Favorite Things Giveaway

I should have deemed this "Giveaway Week," because yesterday I shared 23 custom-made free Christmas printables, today I have a super fun giveaway to tell you about, and tomorrow I'll be hosting a third one.  

But let's talk about today's giveaway - it's a pretty fun one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FREE CHRISTMAS PRINTABLE + A Ten Minute Holiday Vignette

I have a confession.  Despite today's post and the reveal two weeks ago of my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge, I haven't really decorated for Christmas yet.  

Which for most of you probably seems totally normal, but in the blogging world I am waaaaaaay behind.  

The thing is, I really like to take Thanksgiving in fully before I dive headfirst into Christmas decorating.  I usually go buy a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, after I feel like I've had time to soak in all the simple pleasures of that holiday.

So why am I telling you this today when I'm taking part in an amazing blog hop offering 23 beautiful, free Christmas printables?  I think partly because I don't want you to think you should be decorating already if you're not there yet and partly because I want to show you how Christmas decorating, no matter when you start, doesn't have to be fussy or complicated.

Especially when I'm dipping my toes into what feels like early Christmas decorating, I like to keep it very simple.

Let's break down how a few simple changes on the mantle can take the look from "fall" to "subtle holiday."

Here's what my family room mantle has looked like most of this fall.  (you can find my full Fall Home Tour HERE)

How to easily go from a Fall to a Christmas + FREE PRINTABLE from The Chronicles of Home

Friday, November 14, 2014


Hi all!  Welcome to this week's roundup of some of my favorites in food, fashion, for the home, and follow.

This Greek Panzanella might seem like more of a summer dish, but I've been making it almost every week lately.

We had it this week as a side with roasted salmon, I packed it in my girls' lunchboxes, and I love it for lunch too.  The only tweak I make is adding just a little minced shallot in place of the red onions because I don't love raw red onions.

I have such a love-hate relationship with heels.  I've had issues with lower back pain ever since my oldest was born almost six years ago...I even have a ridiculously hard to spell diagnosis for it.  And wearing heels definitely makes the situation hurt just a little more.  But heels are so prettttttttyyyyyyy.

I've been on the lookout for a pair of deep purple pumps for a little while and thought I might jump on these ones, but the thought of that heel height made my spine feel like it was going to snap in half.  Then I came across these purple suede pumps and they seemed like a better bet.

I love a wedge heel for dressy/casual situations and these look like they might actually be okay for this old gal with her spondylolisthesis and sciatica.  Seriously.

For the Home
I like to mix casual glassware with my china when we're entertaining and have a set of recycled glass goblets I often use for water.  But a few have broken over the years and we only have 7 left.  I spotted these tumblers recently and think they'd be perfect to mix and match with the goblets I already have.

I like how artisan glasses like these make fine china feel a little less formal.  Perfect for a casual dinner party.

I've been a fan of Amber and Nick from Wills Casa since meeting Amber this past summer at the Haven Conference in Atlanta.  She's really funny and sarcastic and I love her funky vintage/modern/quirky style, like in the little/big girl's room she just finished for her daughter.

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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